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AFIRM Program

The Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine is a multi-institutional, nationwide network of hospitals and universities with one goal: using the best technology in regenerative medicine to bring healing to our wounded men and women of the armed services. These young people are willing to give their lives in support of the United States and world stability and we owe it to them to give them the best medical technology we can offer to help them restore their health after an injury

Reconstructive Transplantation is an integral part of this activity.  Sometimes, limbs or faces are so badly damaged that they cannot be adequately treated even with the best regenerative medicine therapies. For these patients, transplant of tissues from the face or limb of a donor can restore not just life, but quality of life, to service members who otherwise would face a lifetime of isolation and disability.

Cleveland Clinic is one of only two centers in the country that is screening patients for reconstructive transplant of the face, and one of only four screening for reconstructive transplant of arms and hands.