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About the Center for Personalized Healthcare

“We are creating a cultural shift in the way we practice medicine...to a personalized, targeted approach." – Toby M. Cosgrove, MD

Cleveland Clinic launched the Center for Personalized Healthcare in 2011, an initiative that focuses its efforts on personalizing patient care with gene-based information, as well as patient preferences. The goal of this initiative is to allow healthcare providers to tailor medical management and preventive care plans to the individual characteristics of each patient with the goal of delaying, or even preventing, a potentially devastating outcome. These characteristics include each patients' unique genetic information, environmental exposures, cultures and beliefs.

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Personalized Healthcare (CPH) operates as Cleveland Clinic's hub for the identification, analysis, adoption and integration of select new services and technologies which allow for personalized preventive care of patients. The Center for Personalized Healthcare provides physicians and nurses with the tools and resources they need to create genetically-informed personalized care plans for their patients. The Center also provides information and tools to patients which empower them to proactively participate in the management their health.

"We are creating a cultural shift in the way we practice medicine, moving from a trial and error approach to a personalized, targeted approach," said Toby M. Cosgrove, MD, CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic. "The Center for Personalized Healthcare will allow us to quickly adopt select new approaches and discoveries - related to personalized genomic healthcare - and implement such approaches into our system."


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