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The Prediction of Pain Reduction in Treatment of Facet Joint Syndrome

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Spine and the Department of Anesthesiology, Pain Management in collaboration with Advanced Imaging System is conducting a research project on low back pain resulting from facet joint syndrome. Skin surface recording of the electric potentials from the low back is planned to better understand the pattern and electrical activity of the muscles of the back in people with low back pain. For the recording we will use an instrument called Computerized Electromyographic Reconstruction of Spinal regions (CERSR). This is a non-invasive diagnostic medical device consisting of a pad of 63 silver-silver chloride electrodes each embedded in a hydrogel pad attached to a non-allergenic thin sheet of plastic for easy application. You will be evaluated using the CERSR pad before and after the injection and at the return visit before the treating physician's exam. If the physician would decide that you need further injection the measurement will be repeated with the CERSR pad.

Volunteers for their participation will be provided a stipend up to $15 for each data collection visit-day to cover the parking and a meal. If you would like to participate or need more information concerning this study, please contact Daniel Mazanec M.D. at (216)444-6191, Jozsef Endredi at (216)444-5917 or Steven Reger Ph.D. at (216)444-1801.

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