Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Medina Hospital Foundation needed? Isn't the Hospital financially sound?

For the 60-plus years of its existence, Medina Hospital has provided health care to all who seek its services, regardless of their ability to pay. In recent years, Medina Hospital has become an important center for promoting health and wellness for the full community--activities that should help curb longer-term health care costs. Though most hospital costs are recovered by users of the services, patient charges and third party insurance, the Medina Hospital Foundation offers additional resources to meet needs not covered by these payments. Charitable donations allow for new patient care programs, patient, medical and staff education and equipment which might not otherwise be possible.

Why should I contribute to the Foundation if the Hospital is financially secure?

Medina continues to be a fast-growing community that increasingly requires the services Medina Hospital provides. The health care industry is constantly identifying new maladies while seeking new and better treatments and cures. And, as you well know, keeping up with technological changes is difficult and expensive. The Hospital is secure because of careful planning and management over the years. State-of-the-art equipment and programs at Medina Hospital that have been funded by the Foundation help to attract quality physicians and staff, which in turn enable the Hospital to continue to provide excellent care to patients. As insurance and other reimbursements continue to decrease, Medina Hospital has less money for capital expenditures directed toward new and replacement equipment. Equipment which is integral to keeping the hospital technologically advanced.

By donating to the Foundation you play a critical role in the growth and advancement of the Hospital, as well as in the health of Medina County residents. Your gift enables the securing of new equipment, the hiring and retention of the finest physicians and staff available and the maintenance of a positive financial position, which gives the community control in making health care decisions. The Medina Hospital Foundation Board is independent of the hospital Board. We will continue to support health care for Medina County residents. The funds will not leave our county.

How do I manage a donation?

The Medina Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of community leaders charged with overseeing the management of the Medina Hospital Foundation. Our Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations require that our assets be controlled by, used to and expended in Medina County to promote advancement and further the aims and purposes of Medina Hospital. All of the funds in the Foundation shall benefit the residents of Medina County, Ohio. Funds are managed by a local bank and invested to obtain the highest, yet safest return possible. The Foundation has established a fund to support unrestricted and donor-designated contributions, as well as a fund to manage gift annuities. The Foundation devotes funds to improving the quality of health care services at Medina Hospital. Distribution of monies is recommended to the Foundation by a committee comprised of representatives of the Administrative and Medical staffs of Medina Hospital. To date, the Foundation has provided more than $2,000,000 to various programs and services.

How can I contribute?

You may make a cash donation by credit card (please call for more information) or by writing a check. Please make your check payable to Medina Hospital Foundation and mail or deliver it to: Medina Hospital Foundation 1000 E. Washington Street Medina, Ohio 44256

For information regarding these or other types of gifts, please contact the Foundation Office at 330.721.5940.

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