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For more than 50 years, generous people throughout our community have been instrumental in the evolving development of Lakewood Hospital into a strong community-based institution through their charitable contributions to Lakewood Hospital Foundation. Due in part to these generous gifts, Lakewood Hospital continues to provide the important medical and wellness efforts to all those who seek care.

As you consider giving to Lakewood Hospital Foundation, remember that gifts, both large and small, have a significant impact on the scope and quality of care Lakewood Hospital can offer its patients. Your gift is used for the sole benefit of Lakewood Hospital, helping to better lives and advance the health and wellness of individuals and families in our community, including:

  • Launching important new programs and services
  • Sustaining and improving current initiatives
  • Acquiring urgently needed equipment and medical technology
  • Providing care to vulnerable and disadvantaged populations
  • Initiating capital projects
  • Renovating and refurbishing current facilities
  • Supporting annual projects

Give to Lakewood Hospital - Help Enhance Patient Care


Throughout its history, generous individuals, businesses and foundations have been instrumental in the evolving development of Lakewood Hospital into a strong community-based institution. Charitable contributions to the Lakewood Hospital Foundation directly support Lakewood Hospital, which, as part of the renowned Cleveland Clinic Health System, brings to bear the services and programs of an elite hospital system to greater west side communities.

Our Donors

Lakewood Hospital Foundation appreciates all gifts, large and small, and is grateful for the continued support of our generous donors.


"I am grateful for Lakewood Hospital Foundation, which funds health outreach programs for our friends and neighbors who otherwise could not afford it. This community has given me so much that I want to give back – I want to see the good work taking place in Lakewood continue for many years to come."

- Curt Brosky, Lakewood Hospital Foundation Donor

The Graber Society

Individuals and families that have made a planned gift become members of The Graber Society, which honors a special group of donors for their commitment to compassionate, quality healthcare through deferred and endowed gifts. Please tell us when you have included a bequest in your will or made an endowed or planned gift in support of Lakewood Hospital so we can add your name to our growing list of forward-thinking donors.

Learn more about The Graber Society

History of Giving


Lakewood Hospital Foundation receives strong broad-based support from former patients, Lakewood and greater west side residents and community members, hospital employees and volunteers, and businesses and foundations. Over the past decade alone, we have provided nearly $10.5 million to Lakewood Hospital to fund programs, services and enhancements, including:

  • Access to care
  • Acquisition of state-of-the-art technology
  • Community Health Center construction and program development
  • Community outreach and education
  • Conversion to private patient rooms
  • Development of additional services for geriatrics, diabetes and endocrine disorders, neurological services and orthopaedics
  • Educational and scholarship funds
  • Employee assistance
  • Expanded outpatient care and services
  • Interior and exterior facility remodeling
  • New and expanded Emergency Department facilities
  • Patient and family Health Education Resource Center
  • Services specifically for teens and seniors

Funding Opportunities

Your gift is instrumental in supporting Lakewood Hospital’s mission to provide better care of the sick, investigation into their problems and further education of those who serve. Our professional staff takes great care in matching donors’ interests with current and emerging needs of patients served by Lakewood Hospital.

Brain Health Initiative

Through the expansion and integration of its neurological and geriatric services, Lakewood Hospital is increasing its capacity to help individuals and families cope with devastating neurological diseases and the neurocognitive disorders of aging. Gifts to the Brain Health Initiative provide specialized education and resources about brain health for patients and their families, expand services focused on the health and well-being of caregivers who often bear a tremendous emotional and psychological burden, enhance outreach activities, and support clinical trials.

Diabetes Assistance Initiative

To have a fighting chance against a disease that requires attention every moment of every day, diabetes patients need medication, testing supplies and education. Unfortunately, because of a lack of insurance coverage or limited financial resources, many people struggle with accessing these basic elements that are so critical in successfully managing diabetes. Funded only through philanthropy, the Diabetes Assistance Initiative was established to address this increasingly unmet need within our community. In less than three years, more than $275,000 has been granted for medication and testing supply vouchers and diabetes education scholarships to more than 215 people who are unable to afford this life-saving support.

Healthcare Access Fund

Lakewood Hospital is committed to providing access to quality medical care for all residents regardless of ability to pay. Thanks in part to our generous and compassionate donors, in 2010 Lakewood Hospital provided more than $27.4 million in charity care. Your gift to the Access Fund helps offset costs the hospital assumes for providing healthcare services for those who are unable to pay for their care.

Nursing Advancement Fund

This fund is dedicated to making grants to nurses for continuing education, training opportunities and ongoing skill development, that promotes nursing expertise, elevates the practice of nursing care to the highest standards, and enhances the recruitment and retention of the best nursing personnel at all levels.

Rehab Services

Lakewood Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services provides comprehensive and compassionate rehabilitative care that meets the physical, cognitive and communicative needs of persons with disabilities. Treatment is offered for a wide variety of conditions resulting from injury, accidents, surgery or illnesses. The hospital’s integrated team of physical, occupational and speech therapists serve patients with impairments and disabilities in the areas of performance, mobility, self-care, communications, swallowing and cognition. Contributions underwrite the purchase of rehabilitative materials and cutting-edge therapy technology and equipment, such as electrical stimulation, balance equipment and gait aids that will ensure patients receive the best possible care, allowing them to regain the skills needed for everyday living.

Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund makes available to patients a short-term quantity of medications or supplies that are necessary to continue the recovery process post discharge. For those who qualify, the assistance is meant to be a "one-time only" grant until another source of ongoing coverage can be obtained.

Teen Health Center

The Center provides medical and behavioral healthcare and education for adolescents, regardless of their ability to pay. Charitable gifts are used primarily for patient access to care, confidential visits, and behavioral health programs including various types of therapy.

Unrestricted Gift: Where the Need is the Greatest

Lakewood Hospital strives to have the best facilities, equipment, staff and programs. Unrestricted donations allow the hospital to quickly respond to areas of greatest need to continue offering patients superior healthcare.


Gifts to the endowment create a lasting financial resource that provides both stability and flexibility for Lakewood Hospital. When you give to the endowment, that gift is preserved in perpetuity, ensuring that your support will thrive and grow far into the future impacting the lives of patients today and for generations to come. Lakewood Hospital Foundation thoughtfully invests endowed funds, making a portion of the income available to the hospital for program enhancement while the remainder is reinvested. As the endowment grows, more money is available each year for meeting the evolving needs of patients. Donors may create an endowed named fund and may restrict the use of income.