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Fitting Fast Foods Into a Heart Healthy Diet

Fast foods have become a staple in our American culture. Hectic work schedules, family responsibilities and limited free time force many of us to get our nutrition outside the home. So, how can you fit fast foods into your life and still reap the benefits of a heart-healthy diet?

When dining out sticking to the healthier menu options can be easy if they are noted on the menu. Many fast food restaurants have healthy food choices indicated on their menu:

  • McDonalds: Favorites under 400 calories are listed on the menu
  • Panera: Calories are listed next to each item
  • Subway: Choose the Fit Fresh choices or have the Heart Healthy meal symbol
  • Taco Bell: The Fresco menu options
  • Dunkin’ Dounts: Choose from the DD Smart menu

As you can see, fast foods CAN fit into a heart-healthy diet.

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*The information used to create this guide was obtained from individual restaurant websites. Please refer to the websites for the most current nutritional information.

Web Sites and Resources for Fast Food Nutrition Information

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