Ischemic Stroke

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A 22-year-old Woman with Ischemic Stroke and Left Ventricular Dysfunction

Case Presentation - October 2011

Shikhar Agarwal MD MPH CPH, Cardiology Fellow, Cleveland Clinic

A 22-year-old female was transferred to Cleveland Clinic from an outside hospital for evaluation of acute ischemic stroke. She has presented to an outside hospital two days prior with acute onset numbness and tingling of bilateral upper extremities and mild expressive aphasia.

Past Medical History

Her past medical history was significant for migraines with aura. Six months prior to her current presentation, the patient had a transient episode of forgetfulness and confusion for four hours and one month ago the patient had reported an episode of numbness and tingling of her left lower extremity lasting three hours. She did not seek medical attention for these episodes.

Reviewed: 11/13

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