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Heart & Vascular Institute Physician eNewsletter - Fall 2011

Sheila* is a 22-year old mother of two children who was living an otherwise healthy life until one day she experienced a sudden numbness and tingling in her upper extremities. She could not communicate, though she was aware of what was going on around her. The next day, she became feverish and her blood pressure dropped to the 60s.

Sheila went to her local hospital for further evaluation. The following day she became feverish and her blood pressure plummeted to the 60s. She was started on a broad spectrum of antibiotics, vasopressor agents and was electively intubated for airway protection. A carotid ultrasound was normal, but labs showed a remarkable white blood cell count of 25,000, and elevated cardiac biomarkers with CK-MB 51 and Troponin I of 4.8 ng/mL. Physicians performed a CT brain scan, which showed no cerebral hemorrhage. Sheila's MRI showed acute infarction in the left MCA and PICA territories. A transthoracic echocardiogram (OSH) reported reduction in systolic function with an EF of 10 percent. Sheila was transferred to Cleveland Clinic.

*Not her real name

Reviewed: 11/13

Non-critical demographic information has been changed to protect the anonymity of the individual and no association with any actual patient is intended or should be inferred.

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