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When cancer is detected during the inguinal orchiectomy the affected testicle is removed. Surgery is sometimes used to remove nonseminomatous tumors. Adjuvant (secondary) radiation treatments or chemotherapy is often applied after surgery to insure that any cancerous cells missed by surgery or that have gone undetected are destroyed.

Radiation therapy

External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) is used to treat the cancerous cells. Brachytherapy involves placing tiny radioactive seeds into tumors under the guidance of an imaging system. The seeds are placed so that the radiation field they create matches the shape of the tumor and minimizes risk to surrounding tissue.


Chemotherapeutic compounds are designed to destroy cancer cells with minimal effects on other cells. Chemotherapy is systemic. It is injected to circulate through the blood stream and destroy cells and tumors too small or too awkwardly located to be removed surgically. Some chemotherapy is targeted. It is placed into the spinal column, an organ or body cavity to destroy cancer in those regions, however it is not done for testicular cancer.