Named Funds of Cleveland Clinic

Endowment funds are vital to Cleveland Clinic’s strong programs of medical research, education and clinical care. A named endowment fund at Cleveland Clinic is an excellent way to create a permanent legacy that honors the memory or achievements of an individual. Annual income earned by endowment directly supports current programs in many key specialties. An endowment gift is a most significant investment in the future of medical science and the improved delivery of healthcare. The following are fully established endowment funds at Cleveland Clinic and the institutes or departments for which they were created.


Anesthesiology Institute
  • Arrow International Endowed Fund in Anesthesiology
  • Fawzy G. Estafanous Anesthesiology Education Endowment
  • Dr. Michael de Ungria Endowed Fund
Cleveland Clinic Innovations
  • Alisa and Thomas J. Graham, MD, Fund
  • The Justice Family Innovations Fund
Cole Eye Institute
  • E. Bruce and Virginia Chaney Fund for Ophthalmology Research and Education
  • Tom Hale Jenkins Endowed Fund
  • Roscoe Kennedy, MD, Lectureship Fund
  • Lennon Ophthalmology Research Endowment Fund
  • Daisy M. McWhorter Endowed Fund for Macular Degeneration
  • Morton Fund
  • Melvin and Sally Ross Endowed Fund for Macular Degeneration
Digestive Disease Institute
Colorectal Surgery
  • Butkin Fund
  • Butkin Fund
  • Samuel M. Mann Endowment
  • John F. McWhorter III Endowed Fund for Colon Cancer Research
  • Wesley Roj and Douglas Durham Roj Endowed Fund
  • Patricia Sullivan Schriner Endowed Fellowship in IBD Research and Education
  • Louise B. Timken Fund
  • U. S. Surgical Corp. Endowed Fund
  • Katherine H. Williams Memorial Fund
  • John W. Wilson Memorial Fund
  • The Musallam Maktoom Al Mazrouei Endowed Fund
  • Dr. Mark Blue Endoscopy Endowment Fund
  • Lucinda Wheat Grafton Endowment Fund
  • Ann J. and E. Bradley Jones IBD Endowment Fund
  • Thomas H. Taylor Jr. Hepatology Fellowship Fund
  • The Karim Toueg International Fellowship in Hepatology
Education Institute
  • Joseph Cash, MD, Memorial Award
  • CC Alumni Association Endowment
  • E. C. Daoust Memorial Book Fund
  • Dr. Don Dohn Endowed Scholarship Fund in Neurosurgery at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner College of Medicine
  • Jennings Medical Education Fund
  • Thomas Jones Memorial Lecture Fund
  • Key Minority Medical Student Scholarship Fund
  • Robert D. Kruse Memorial Fund for Allied Health Professionals
  • William Lower Fellowship Thesis Fund
  • Peskind Memorial Fund
  • Charles E. and Lester E. Robinson Endowment Fund
  • Sabbagh Medical Education Endowment Fund
  • Samson Global Leadership Academy Endowed Fund
  • Schroh Education and Research Fund
  • Schroh Fellowship Financial Aid Fund
  • Rose Yabroudi Endowment Fund for Medical Specialty Training of Women Graduates from the Middle East
Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute
  • Margaret and Tom Kay Special Education Fund
  • Tom and Margaret Kay Endowed Fund for Diabetes Research and Education
  • Reinberger Endocrinology Research and Education Fund
  • Robert and Helen Woodward Endowment Fund for Diabetes Research
  • James Brown Endowment Fund
  • Crile Traveling Fellowship Fund
  • The Elsawy Family Foundation Caregiver Recognition Fund
  • Dorothy McCormack Endowment
  • J. G. and E. L. Moore Memorial Fund
Medina Hospital
  • Cal and Donna Wible Endowment
Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute
  • The Kendrick Family Fund for Prostate Cancer
  • William Lower, MD, Special Account
  • Maltz Family Prostate Cancer Research Fund
  • Packard Research Endowment Fund
  • Urology Research and Education Fund (formerly Higgins Visiting Professorship Fund)
  • The Arlene M. and John H. Witmer Jr. Endowed Fund
Nephrology and Hypertension
  • Kasperzak Kidney Research and Education Fellowship Fund
  • Saturo Nakamoto, MD, Endowment for Dialysis Fund
  • Kurt Seligman Memorial Fund
  • Ralph A. Straffon, MD, Fund for Urological Research and Education
Head & Neck Institute
  • Lazar Family Lectureship in Otolaryngology
International Center
  • Razavi International Endowed Fund
Lerner Research Institute
  • Frank Billings Endowment Fund
  • A. Broszman General Research Fund
  • A. and A. Chisholm Endowment Fund
  • George W. and Grace M. Crile Endowment Fund
  • Crile Research Fellowship Fund
  • Firestone Fund
  • GAR Foundation Endowment Fund
  • George C. Gordon Memorial Fund
  • Walter and Helen Halle Memorial Fund
  • Starr Holley Memorial Fund
  • James A. and Elizabeth Sherman Hughes Fund
  • Thomas E. Jones Memorial Fund
  • Lord Endowment Fund
  • William E. Lower, MD, Memorial Fund
  • Sarah T. McBride Endowment Fund
  • David and Lindsay Morgenthaler Endowed Fund
  • The Ross Family Endowed Fund at the Lerner Research Institute
  • Charles B. Shaffer Endowment Fund
  • Leona Siller Endowment Fund
  • Thomas and Iris Vail Endowment Fund
  • Biomedical Engineering and Applied Therapeutics: Herrick Foundation Endowed Fellowship Fund
  • Kiser Endowment Fund
  • Mastin Fellowship Fund
Cancer Biology
  • de Windt Cancer Research Fund
  • Lerner Research Institute Hirsch Fund for Cancer Research
Cell Biology
  • Rudin Atherosclerosis Research
Molecular Biology
  • Fred L. Ball Endowment Fund
  • Thomas Cancer Research Fund
  • Paul and Berdein Holsing Endowment Fund
Medicine Institute
Infectious Diseases
  • Pyles Research Endowment Fund
Internal Medicine
  • Marotta Family Fund for Preventive Medicine
  • John W. Phillips Memorial Fund
  • James and Beatrice Salah Internal Medicine Residency Fund
  • Dolores Ann Savoca Endowed Fund

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