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Cleveland Attorney Thankful for Same-Day Care

Longtime Cleveland-area attorney Maria Quinn heard buzzing in her left ear for several weeks. She didn’t give it much thought until one July morning when a commercial for Cleveland Clinic’s same-day appointments came on the radio while she was driving to work.

“Something clicked for me, and I decided to call and see a doctor right away,” she says.

She’s glad she did. Katie Geelan-Hansen, MD, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Cleveland Clinic Twinsburg Family Health & Surgery Center, saw Mrs. Quinn that afternoon. After a thorough examination and a hearing test that showed that Mrs. Quinn had less hearing in her left ear than in her right, Dr. Geelan-Hansen recommended an MRI.

The MRI revealed a tumor wrapped around Mrs. Quinn’s left ear canal. Dr. Geelan-Hansen referred her to Cleveland Clinic surgeons Thomas J. Haberkamp, MD, of the otolaryngology department, and Jorge Alvaro Gonzalez-Martinez, MD, PhD, a neurosurgeon.

“Dr. Haberkamp told me I had three choices,” Mrs. Quinn says. “First, we could monitor the tumor. However, it was so close to the brain that he couldn’t tell how long it had been there. He also couldn’t predict how fast it would grow. The second option was Gamma Knife radiation. I was hesitant about this because I’d already had radiation therapy 16 years ago to treat colon cancer. The third option was to remove the tumor surgically, which is what we decided was best.”

Dr. Haberkamp and Dr. Gonzalez-Martinez performed the surgery on Aug. 16, carefully making the incision on the back of her skull under her hair and unwinding the tumor from around the left hearing nerve. “To look at me today, you’d never know I had surgery a few weeks ago,” Mrs. Quinn says. 

She no longer has hearing in that ear, but her facial nerves and balance are fine, and she’s relieved that the tumor was discovered before it could do more damage.

“They told me that if I’d let it go, it could have gone into my brain,” Mrs. Quinn says. “If I hadn’t heard that commercial that day, I might not be here right now.”

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