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Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center brings you the expertise of highly experienced, board-certified specialists at convenient locations throughout Northeast Ohio.

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Daniel Alam, MD»

Philip Bailin, MD, MBA»

Wilma Bergfeld MD»

Steven Bernard, MD»

Christi Cavaliere, MD»

Risal Djohan, MD»

Gaby Doumit, MD»

Michael Fritz, MD»

Brian Gastman, MD»

Mark Hendrickson, MD»

Raymond Isakov, MD»

Edward A. Levy, MD»

Armand Lucas, MD»

Jennifer Lucas, MD»

Andrea Moreira, MD»

Francis Papay, MD»

Julian Perry, MD»

Melissa Piliang, MD»

J. Vicente Poblete, MD»

Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD»

Amy Polster, MD»

Graham Schwarz, MD»

Allison Vidimos, MD»

Randall Yetman, MD»

Alexandra Zhang, MD»

James Zins, MD»