Summer 2012

When it comes to achieving and maintaining good health, there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and commitment, and what could be a better example of this success than the accomplishments of our Olympic athletes?

Canada’s athletes won 18 medals – one gold, five silver and twelve bronze – at the London 2012 Olympics, setting a standard of excellence for future generations. As Canadians, we are proud to celebrate our athletes’ commitment to top performance and good health. And speaking of excellence, we are also proud to announce that in the United States, Cleveland Clinic’s cardiology and heart surgery was recently ranked No. 1 nationally for the 18th consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report! Cleveland Clinic was also ranked No. 1 nationally in nephrology and urology. At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we take great pride in our organization’s shared commitment to delivering world-class patient care and continuously improving your health.

Ranked #1 Again, Again and Again

Here at the Canadian location of Cleveland Clinic, we are honoured to acknowledge and celebrate our organization’s recent rankings by U.S. News & World Report in its Best Hospitals 2012-13. Cleveland Clinic received various No. 1 specialty rankings among nearly 5,000 hospitals assessed by U.S. News, based on criteria that include the number of procedures, the current state of technology and the quality of patient services.

In its Best Hospitals 2012–13, U.S. News & World Report ranked Cleveland Clinic No. 1 nationally in three specialties: nephrology, urology and – for the 18th year in a row – cardiology and heart surgery. We owe our excellent reputation for specialist medical care to the outstanding service our practitioners and support staff provide, which exemplifies our commitment to the values of education, research, innovation and compassion across the organization.

“The U.S. News rankings are a tribute to the hard work of all of our employees and their continued dedication to the health and well-being of our patients,” said Toby M. Cosgrove, MD, President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic. “While the rankings are gratifying, we continue to focus on clinical excellence, quality care and our patients’ overall experience.”

These are great achievements for both our Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute and our Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute. In total, 14 Cleveland Clinic specialties were listed among the top 10 in the United States, of which 12 placed in the top 5. Cleveland Clinic was named the No. 4 hospital across the country and No. 1 in Ohio this year as part of U.S. News & World Report’s new state rankings. The complete national rankings in numerical order for Cleveland Clinic are as follows:

Our commitment to putting patients first makes this national recognition possible. We are proud of our staff, who offer you, our patients, the world-class care you deserve.

Prevention Expertise at Your Fingertips

We are happy to offer you a new online health resource at, where you will find articles written by Cleveland Clinic Canada experts about living healthy and preventing injuries. The topics include general health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, sports medicine – and delicious recipes! New content is added regularly, so be sure to check back often.

To read any of these articles, just follow two easy steps:

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Listed below are three recent articles on sleep problems, knee protection and nutrition, written by Cleveland Clinic Canada experts. These articles and others can be found in our Health Information library.

For the Love of Tennis

Luke Fuller is an osteopath at Cleveland Clinic Canada. In addition to seeing patients at our clinic, Luke also travels the world to treat elite athletes on the ATP (Association of Tennis Players) World Tour circuit. Over the past 3 years, Luke has worked with top-seeded players like Raonic, Nadal and Federer.

For those of you who are not familiar with tennis, ATP World Tour is a men’s tennis association founded in 1972 that ranks professional players according to their performance in a sequence of tournaments comprised of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, ATP World Tour 500 Series, ATP World Tour 250 Series, the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Futures tournaments.

Since 2005, Luke has treated many different sports-related injuries for many different people, from younger elite athletes to a father with three kids, with a focus on preventing any further injuries as well as maintaining the best possible levels of overall health. Treatments may include kinesio-taping, manual adjustments or massage, or a combination of various techniques, all of which are intended to support and enhance daily physical performance.

This summer has been a busy one for Luke, who has treated players at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, Wimbledon Championships, SkiStar Swedish Open and, most recently, the Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament at York University. We caught up with him between matches and asked him to give us a little insight into how he uses osteopathic medical techniques to improve players’ performance.

Please describe a typical day for you at one of these events.

We treat players throughout the day to help them perform their best. For example, before a match they may need some preparation like taping or dynamic stretching. If they have any problems during a match, they can call us out to the court, where we evaluate any possible injury and decide whether or not we should ask for a medical time-out, or just treat them during a change of ends. After the match is a particularly busy time for us, as we are helping players with their recovery - stretching, assessing and treating any new injuries, giving ice baths and massage, and offering re-hydration advice, especially in these very warm weather conditions.

Why is osteopathy a great source of treatment for these athletes?

Osteopathy is a holistic form of manual medicine that recognizes the importance of good movement patterns which is critical for these athletes. Looking at the whole body, osteopaths address all parts of the musculoskeletal system including bones, joints, muscles and ligaments.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from working with professional tennis players?

In addition to shoulder, back and elbow injuries, tennis players also suffer from foot and ankle biomechanical issues. These are caused by the repetitive pounding, twisting and directions changes that the body goes through during a match. I’ve found that by encouraging the small bones of the foot to move better and releasing the surrounding musculature is very effective in unloading the foot and allowing the players to move at their best.

What are some differences between treating elite athletes and treating patients here at our clinic?

One difference between elite players and the amateur sporting population is their attention to the details of preparation and recovery. A healthy body is essential in order to perform at the top level, so even if those elite players don’t really feel like doing a good warm-up or an extended cool-down, they do it anyway - because it is an integral part of their ability to come back and perform the next day.

With the amount of travel required of these players for the ATP tournaments, time zone changes also present a challenge. Many of these players have come straight from playing on grass at the Olympics, to playing here in Toronto on a hard court in a totally different climate! These time zone changes and environmental conditions also affect athletes’ ability to perform at their best.

I approach treatments for elite athletes exactly the same way I approach treatments for my patients at Cleveland Clinic Canada. I believe everyone, no matter what their situation, can make improvements and perform better than they did the day before. With the right treatment, good preparation and proper recovery, we can all perform at our best, whatever the sport or activity may be.

Calling All Cyclists

At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we leverage more than 90 years of clinical experience to help our patients build a solid foundation of health. An essential part of this foundation is staying active. And a great way to stay active, especially in the summer months, is getting on a bicycle. That is just one of the reasons we have joined forces with Vitess Bicycle Corporation. Both of our organizations share a common mission: to take a proactive and integrative approach in supporting and empowering men and women who want to take control and push the boundaries of what they think is possible - in health and in cycling.

We believe that good health is more than a physical state: it is a state of mind. It is all about engaging the body and the mind at their full potential, whether in the boardroom or in the saddle. Good health is also the starting point for something bigger: whether your focus is recreational or high-performance, it enables you to push yourself, to reach new goals and celebrate those achievements while also looking forward to the next challenge.

The events we are co-hosting with Vitess offer a simple proposition: Health + Speed = Fun. In July, we staged a week-long Tour de France event at Brookfield Place to celebrate the art of cycling. Julien Papon, CEO of Vitess Bicycle Corporation and Cleveland Clinic Canada staff organized daily activities that included Tour de France race debriefs, several bicycle fitting and sports nutrition clinics, a wine and cheese event and a chance to win awesome daily giveaways and one grand prize: a custom Vitess bicycle valued at over $4,500.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the cycling enthusiasts who attended these recent events, so we will be offering more in the coming months to help heighten the cycling experience by raising levels of fitness and sports performance.

Our Next Event: The Gran Allenamento Series

Join us on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at Alton Mill Arts Centre in Caledon for the quintessential cycling event. This event is for passionate cyclists - from novice to experienced – who want to gather together in celebration of cycling as a lifestyle. It is a great opportunity to learn and to share, by motivating and challenging yourself and each other - and most importantly, to have fun, on and off the bike. After the ride, there will be gourmet food, spectacular wines, fabulous prizes and an illuminating talk by Nicole Springle, RD, one of Cleveland Clinic Canada’s sports dietitians.

Learn first-hand what your body requires to perform at its best. Nicole will explain how hydration strategies can maximize your performance on and off the bike. Also, the first 20 riders to register will receive a personalized hydration profile, which will include on-site clinical testing to assess their hydration levels, the amount of fluids their bodies need during and after the ride and their personal sweat rates. If you have ever felt physically exhausted or experienced muscle cramps during or after a ride, this will be an invaluable experience.

Registration: Space is limited, and attendance is on a first-come first-served basis. Registration will close on Wednesday, September 5 at 6 p.m. There will be no on-site registration. You do not need to be a Vitess rider or an expert to participate. This is not a race.

How can Cleveland Clinic Canada maximize your experience on the bike?

Cleveland Clinic Canada’s team of sports experts can help you on and off the bike. If you are struggling with a chronic or recent injury, or if you just want to increase your endurance and energy during your ride, we can help. We offer a variety of treatments, as well as performance testing that includes VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate assessments. Contact our Sports Health department at 416.507.6673 or visit us online

About Vitess Bicycle Corporation: Toronto-based Vitess is the fastest-growing premium cycling brand in Canada. Founded in 2008 by Julien Papon, a mechanical engineer and former automotive executive, the company makes some of the world’s most desirable, custom-built high-performance bicycles. Ranked one of the four best high-end bicycles in Canada by Canadian Cycling in 2011, Vitess has garnered much national media coverage through its innovative approach to merging state-of-the art technology and product design with unequalled service level. From its Toronto showroom located on Lakeshore Boulevard, Vitess works closely with riders; and its team of experts to custom fit, build and paint your bike to meet your performance goals, to guarantee your comfort and to match your personality. To learn more, visit

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